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04 echo (car shaking or stalling)

Chotay Sarkar

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i had a 04 echo manual transmission,

i change the accelerator speed/rpm(throttle) at neutral from 700 to 1200 rpm because a lot of time car stop when i put in 1st gear for drive, after this

i have noticed that when i drive over 30km or 40 km and then stop for 2 or 3 minutes and again put in 1st gear and when i leave the clutch car start to shake or stall for 3 seconds, 1st i think that rpm goes under 700 but rpm was over 1000, and then it run smoothly, i have clean air filter but problem remains,

so i need help,

dont wanna go to mechanic shop because they charge extra and if it is 10 minute job they do in 2 hours and if a problem is in one part they change 3 parts,

so please help me,

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Factory idle speed is 650-700 rpm. You should not adjust the idle as it is controlled by the ecu.

If the car is dropping below 650rpm at idle and stalling or shaking, then do the following:

Clean the maf sensor with some contact cleaner (or even brake clean).

Remove the throttle body from the car and give it a good clean out as well.

Remove the idle control valve from the bottom of the throttle body and give it a good clean as well.

If none of the above solve the problem, then the cause is most likely a stuffed idle control valve.

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