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Hey there guys a very long time since ive been on here, last you guys heard the seca got totaled... Well i ended up getting a celica

To my discussed it was a lemon GRR but ive been very persistent with fixing it and giving it a second chance in life.....

This is what it looked like when i bought it,


Then i knew the rocker seal needed replacing and i found out all this ( i wanted to cry )






NEVER USE CASTROL!!!!!! (this is what the asian lady used)


And after a 2 hour cleaning


Then i did a little bit of interior modding




Got a bit of rumble



And lol yes new hubcaps (still working on getting rims atm)


My car at the first proper TECCWA show


Was fixing the engine a bit and look what my fiance found (got them replaced of course)


My soundstream sticker cause i have fully sick speakers in my doors


My ken Block hoonigan sticker (cops dont care about it)


Bottom of the ground


Brand spanky new discs and pads



Oh i gota show myself being a grot working on the car


THEN she got lowered



And Recently passenger size cv replaced (the other was done about 3 months prior to this one buggering up)


This sure doesnt look like CV grease YUCK!!!!!

Well that all ive done over the past 10 months of owning the car.....

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That sludge has nothing to do with Castrol at all. That is a common issue for the 5S-FE, usually cause by poor maintenance schedules and poor oil flushing procedures. Service it at 5000km intervals as a maximum and the issue should not rise again.

I personally wouldn't mod an auto, but each to their own. At least the car's body is in decent condition this time.

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I cleaned it with a lot of time and had to make sure i wasnt making it go down further into the engine took about 2 hours but she runs fine and havnt had a drama with the engine since.

And on another note trent, yes each to there own on modding an auto... but i was thinking of making it manual if i have the time and money (now shh if your going to say just buy a gt4) There isnt any about in WA that are 205's.

But im just happy that this car keeps me busy....

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since you like the 6th gen celica

and since you like white

and since you mentioned WA

how about this jdm gt4


I've been watching Jap Auction sites and you can get an ST205 GT4 for a few thousand $.. I'm very tempted to have ago importing one myself, Im wondering why this guy spent mega bucks on the car and never registered it?

Your doing a great job girl! keep it up. Get some nice wheels quickly. :D

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Now this is my latest add on to my car.....

My Race Design Import GT headers from America


Im gaining maybe about 10 to 15hp but without dyno i can't give a proper answer.

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Now this is my latest add on to my car.....

My Race Design Import GT headers from America


Im gaining maybe about 10 to 15hp but without dyno i can't give a proper answer.

I can almost guarantee you aren't gaining that. How much were they? You know that local companies make them right?

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holy f**king christ that sludge.. screw that... would be horrifying to find. o.0

Hehe on the engine pics.. it looks so familiar yet so... empty ....like your missing something.. xD

Nice on doing the work yourself and such :P good to see, sh*t you live in WA though.

With a set of decent wheels and trd removal, this 204 has potential :)

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Haha working on the rims still mate... ah TRD removal??? NEVA love being a dork.... hehe oh this what happened to the car about a week back



Yup some EHEM!!! pushed my fender in with there 4WD..... never left a note.... sadly i didnt notice it until way after getting out of the car park.... but i knew it was the car next to me that did it.

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