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DIY: Paint rear diffuser black on Aurion Sportivo


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Ever wanted to have a completely black diffuser on your Aurion, but not sure about the best way to go about it? Here is one option for you to try out if you've got a spare couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon and want something fairly cruisy to do.

Total time to allow for - 2hours max (depending on humidity, conditions)

Difficulty - Easy

Firstly, gather all the supplies;

- Painters Masking tape

- Newspaper (or something similar to mask up the back of the car with

- 150-300 Grit sandpaper

- Prepsol/Wax & Grease remover and a rag

- 3M/K&H ACRYLIC Primer Grey

- 3M ACRYLIC Bumper Black


Then proceed to start masking up the back of the car around the diffuser. Depending on the environment your doing it in will depend where you want to be more or less liberal on this (wind etc can cause an upspray, possibly ending up on the boot/lights)


Start by sanding the coloured part back with 150grit sandpaper. In my case because of the finish I was after I didnt bother sanding with any higher grades. Obviously if you were after a glossy finish you would continue up. Then proceed to wipe the excess dust off with a rag and give it a quick rub with prepsol to remove any remaining road grime etc

Proceed to applying the first coat of Primer Grey. I ended up doing 3 initial light coats followed by a final heavier coat. leave 5 minute intervals between coats, or until it is completely dry (which wont take long)


Once the final coat has been left for 45mins-1hr, proceed with applying the first coat of Bumper Black. Again, because of the finish I was chasing I didnt bother to sand back the primer at all at this point.

After about 3-4 coats this is the result you will start to see. Because of the nature of the bumper black, it sprays on very thick, and leaves a texture if you don't rub it back, which is what I was after.


After the final coat has been applied, proceed to carefully pull your masking off, and you will be left with something similar to this. Much cleaner!


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