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2011 Hybrid Camry Getting Very Hot near Gear Stick


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Hi Guys,

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this issue. I bought a new Hybrid Camry and yesterday was the first time I drove it with the headlights turned on. I noticed that the area of the console below the gear stick got so hot that I actually almost burnt my wrist. Incidently I was to get my car for its first complimentary service today, but the guys said they have never heard of it. He said there is a light bulb inside the console in that area to light the gear stick so it might get warm. But my point is there is a difference between getting warm and getting HOT.

Is there anyone else who has the same issue?


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That is considered "normal" in the general sense. There is indeed a bulb located under there that lights up gear shifter gate. It sits very close to the surface of the gear shifter assembly and surprisingly manages to heat it up a bit.

It is a T5 bulb so you can replace it with any T5 LED bulb replacement if you would like to rectify the issue.

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I've got a 2012 Hybrid HL and noticed the same thing as well, my findings might be related to your 2011 model.... I put it down to the heater vent pipes running through the console for the rear vents.

I worked this out as I have dual climate, so tweaking the temp on each side of the car adjusts the temp of the console. Being its 'winter' atm, the heater is running so I think you are noticing its warming up the console. If I flick the temp right down on the passenger side, that side of the console gets cold, while mine says hot. The same if I ramp the temp right up, that side gets hotter than mine and vice versa on the drivers side if I ramp the temp up or down!

So seems its just routing of the climate pipework that is causing it. I do agree, it can get very warm!!

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Is there anyone else who has the same issue?

Yep, mine gets hot too. It's uncomfortable to touch, not so much burning. Seems like Level380 has the most probable cause. I'll play with the climate control to see if it does the same on the 2010-2011 models.

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