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New GT-86 as a young driver

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Hello all, first post here, and I figured the Toyota club would give me the best answers.

We're currently looking for a 3rd car as we've had to sell our old one and need a new one. My dad and I have both been fantasizing and salivating about the release of the new GT-86. I guess you could call us both car enthusiasts, although neither of us drives a particularly exciting car at the moment. Anyway my dad had the idea of getting the new Toyota / Subaru BRZ when it comes out on finance. I am currently in uni and finish my thesis at the end of the year. His plan was to get the car on finance and have it be my car (although he would probably drive it to work a lot) and it would be mine when I go out and stuff or when I drive to uni. The plan is for him to pay off the car for the first few months on finance, and then once I graduate at the end of the year and get a job, I would take over the payments and it would become all mine, while he gets the Yaris that is currently mine.

Does anyone think this idea sounds feasable? I was shocked completely when my dad suggested the idea. My original plan was to wait until I had graduated before seeing if I could buy a car like this. However we do need a new car soonish and this one just happens to be coming out soonish. I guess what I'm mainly concerned about is that people might think I'm one of those spoilt rich kid hoons if I'm driving this car while I'm still on P plates and only 22. For the record I don't speed or drive aggressively, and we certainly aren't "rich" although from an enthusiasts point of view this car looks awesome. I currently drive 600-800km a week and it would be nice to drive something a little more interesting than the Yaris. I should also say one of the main reasons dad wants this is because I currently leave home the earliest (7am) and come home the latest (7pm) so he thought I should have a bit of a reward for sticking through with it

So what do fellow Toyota owners think about this? Sound like a good idea? For me I'm a little worried about the price of the insurance. Although this isn't exactly a high powered V8.

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Pretty hard for any of us to comment IMO for 2 reasons.

Firstly, We do not know your family's financial situation to discuss whether financing a car of this value/type is a good idea or not. Price will probably be around a Golf GTI and repayments can be estimated perhaps. For a 1st year of work, there can be a lot of other necessary expenses that would need to be considered.

Secondly, as the actual car in question is not released yet, its virtually impossible for anyone to give a detailed response on its ability/characteristics.....unless they are involved in the industry somehow. The release date is probably mid-year.

Saying all that, the reports of the car are impressive, and given an option to own one I would certainly be happy with it over a Yaris, but I am not in your situation. And probably would not trade the MR2 in for it either..

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Welcome to TOCAU, hope you enjoy your stay. I take it you're a fan of the Mercury Cougar XR7?

Do plenty of online quotes for insurance, it may be classified as a performance car so that would not be cost effective in your case.

And be sure to to have both yourself and your father test drive one before you commit to purchasing, you may like how it looks cosmetic wise and its paper stats, but you may find how it drives is not what suits you.

Don't rush into anything and do plenty of research.

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I remember my first P plater car... 2001 Celica, not exactly a huge powerhouse but it still cost me a HUGE amount in insurance as it was a 'sports car'. Expect a large amount for insurance if your put on as the main driver. Wouldn't be surpised if it was towards the 2 grand mark.

First job out of uni better be friggin good as well, as if I was paying any more in repayments for my Golf GTI or if I made a little bit less (I'm on plenty) it wouldn't be affordable.

Oh and the waiting lists are fairly long :)

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