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[US] 2013 Avalon


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I'd probably take that over the new design Aurion if I had to pick between the two.

On a side note, dual projectors... so I wonder why they get LED headlights and we don't for some of our Toyota's here. On that note, I was following a Prius last night which had LED headlights and they certainly look cleaner than HID in my opinion.

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The Double Eye Projector Ellipsoid System are running HIDs. Only the DRLs are LEDs.

I believe Toyota/Lexus are still leaving LED Headlights exclusively for their Hybrid Lineup (with the exception of the Camry). Even the Prius C i-Tech (Aqua) has LED headlights.

Also the Thailand Camry(Aurion) Hybrid has LED headlights, which would be a sought after modification to the AU market Aurion.

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If i had to choose between the new Aurion and Avalon i would choose the Avalon.

The rear of the Avalon looks more appealing compared to the new Aurion.

+1 to that
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The second generation Avalon (Which was not sold here.), was also exported to Japan as the Pronard. As the car wasn't very popular, no RHD version of the 3rd gen was built. This new Avalon is very different from the previous model, which was regarded as a Japanese Buick.

Seeing that Toyota plans to export the next gen. Highlander/ Kluger from the US (No more Japan built vehicles for the next one.), it would be nice to see this in RHD form for export to Japan & Australia, as a flagship/ niche model that goes against cars like the VW Passat CC. Might probably need a new name here though (Not sure if Australians would react well to the Avalon name, after what we got.).

You can see what the second & third gen. models look like here http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2e/2003-04_Toyota_Avalon.jpg/800px-2003-04_Toyota_Avalon.jpg

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Man I wish our Aurions had those rear tail lights plus lower bar. If they were on the Aurion, I would buy it in a heart beat! But the current look on the newly released Aurions still leaves sour taste to me.

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