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No oil problems with my 200 Series Landcruiser.


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Hi all,

I picked up my new 200 series in October 2009 after waiting 4 months, I had heard about the oil burning problems but was hoping that it would be fixed by the time I got mine. Picked it up and had a 500 km journey home it used about 250 mils on the way home, I was worried so I contacted the dealer and he said don't worry it will be OK. Well he was right during the first 5,000 K's it used probably about 1 litre and since that time I have never had to add any oil between services. My dealer uses Castrol Magnatec Diesel 15W-30 and I service it myself at the 5,000 k interval between dealer services with Magnatec Diesel and oil consumption is negligible. These motors seem to run very hot and maybe oil quality could be a contributing factor. I have done 56,000 k's and 15,000 of those have been towing a 23 foot 2,900 kilo Jayco Caravan. I do not flog it when towing staying in 5th gear in "S" mode at about 95 - 100 KPH, it is an amazing towing vehicle fuel consumption whilst towing is approx 16.8 per 100k when the terrain is good but average increases quite savagely when a lot of hills are encountered. I have a Scanguage fitted and I monitor fuel consumption constantly.

The only problem I have is sometimes whilst going up a hill there is a strange vibration which appears at about 1700 - 2000 rpm it is quite noticible sometimes and at other times not so bad i have reported it to my dealer but no fix yet. I have had 6 Cruisers starting with an FJ40 through to an 80 Series, all been great vehicles for their time but the 200 is a wonderful vehicle and a pleasure to drive. Even as it is a large vehicle my wife Jenny loves to drive it.

Cheers to you all and safe driving


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Ah very nice, I do wish I got a land cruiser sometimes as opposed to the hilux...200 series cruisers are such nice trucks on and offroad and there are such a great variety of aftermarket accessories available. Have you considered anything like a performance chip / exhaust ? That will make a great difference to your overall power and fuel economy!

Gotta love a cruiser!


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Yeah I second that I absolutly love landcruisers, love those v8 twin turbo diesels.

There is so many great engine mods out there for the v8, a good one I saw was the roo system I saw on the 4wd action dvd that glenn hadden had on his 200 series , the sound that it made would turn a boy in to man.

One day I get a 200 series,there nothing like a v8 mate.

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Toyota has switched oils to Castrol Edge fully synthetic 5W30. I also tow a van - a Roma around 2 ton loaded but never get better than 18s. I sit on 100kph where I can also in S 5. Awesome towing vehicle. Have also looked at fitting Scanguage (crazy car doesn't come with trip computer given the huge cost) - where did you mount yours?

Vibration is common with bullbar. Do you have a bullbar?

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