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Turbo for Kluger

Grande Shoeb

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Turbo or supercharger for the kluger sounds mad :spiteful: ,I must admit the thought did cross my mind once, but to tell the truth I pretty happy with performance of the standard 3.5v6, I can give most cars a run for there money and burn most people of at the lights, not that I drive like that :whistling: .

I wonder if any of those guys in there aurions have considered putting a turbo or supercharger on there cars or all have already have one installed.

I wonder what the difference besides the supercharger there is between the trd 3.5v6 against the standard 3.5v6 thats found regular aurion and kluger, whether the engine has been strengthened at the factory to take the supercharger, or its simply just bolts on to the standard 3.5v6.

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The above is not going into a Kluger, but it's the same engine.

You're not the first and won't be the last to ask this question, be it Kluger, RAV4 or N/A Aurion.

Not sure why you would want to do this to a Kluger ... costs will top $10k to do the job (turbocharger or supercharger) properly with new parts. If you've got that to spend, let us know how it goes. Otherwise I would suggest getting a factory built car that has the power to weight that you want.

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Lotus seem to be doing the hard work for us, in getting good results out of the TVS superchargers (unlike the TRD aurion results, which are rather meh....)

Give it time, a few of the US workshops are sorting out the bolt ons for V6 Camry's so it should trickle down the line to us.

Of course, our klugers will be worth cashews by then, and if you add a performance enhancer, it'll be peanuts.

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Very true, but its the Lotus aftermarket that will trickle down to us bottom feeders.

Imagine the TRD 2GR without the TRD ECU killing all the fun. I mean that ECU just plain sucks.

I was really looking forward to driving Brents TRD. I got in, put my seat belt on and let it rip. What a let down. That ECU is retarding 90% of the fun potential. It was everywhere I didnt want it to be.

The TVS blower doesnt have to work hard, the engine doesnt have to suffer the stress and heat of a much more powerful turbocharger setup, that will no doubt be faster and make more horsepower, but it wont be anywhere near as driveable as TVS1300/1900 blown 2GR with a tuneable ECU and other supporting mods.

Luke: Do you really have to go through the Individually Constructed Vehicle process to get a 2GR into a Corolla? Thats gotta be a painful process in Victoria, thumbs up to you!!

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Just incase anyone was horny over the sound of bolting on a turbo, my 2004 corolla with custom turbo kit cost $11000, which included the piggy back computer, 2 stage turbo set at 5 and 12 pounds, garrett turbo, custom exhaust manifold, intercooler, pipeing, bigger fuel pump, exedy sports clutch and a 5th injector ported before the throttle body. With 12 pounds of boost and no internal work done, just proves how well these Toyota engines are. Clocked up 60 thousand kms since the mod and still going. Currently running at 184kws at the wheels. Was 100kws at the flywheel from factory.

If you can get a bolt on TRD supercharger for an Aurion or Kluger for a little extra punch, it would be a much better road to take. Not having to worry about pipes, manifolds and all that type of crap.

Does anyone know what the GO is with buying a supercharger and the computer side of things?

Im looking at updating to a Kluger ATM

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