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2004 Camry Sportivo Throttle problems


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I have a 2004 sportivo and have been finding lately that a lot of the time when i go to accelarate the car tends to die a bit then all of a sudden it picks up speed again. Can anyone tell me whether or not the have a throttle control switch/modulator and if so could this be causoing my problem. If not can anypne opffer me some advise on what the cause might be and how I can fix it. Thankyou

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I had the same issue and once i replaced the fuel pump filter (the sock), this problem went away. I also got back about 1L/100km in economy as well.

Depending on how many km you have done, a on vehicle injector clean isn't a bad idea either. Lube mobile offer this service and I paid touch under $200 for it.

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You can always check your Throttle position sensor. It will be attached to the throttle body - three wire design. One is ground, the second will be your 5v reference and the third is the signal wire. Cars will differ in min and max values but what you are looking for is any discrepancy in voltage as you depress the throttle. (Test with Key on engine off). Best if you have access to a scope that will graph, but you can do this will a $10 multimetre. Just go slow on throttle - voltage should increase as the throttle opens. If it doesn't you, this may be the cause of your problem.

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