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How to Change Transaxle Oil AE112R

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Have recently obtained one of these (1999 Levin with 1.8l) and have been used to changing manul transmission oil but can find no mention of it in this cars service schedule. Also having a quick look around can find no obvious drain or filler hole. Does anybody change it and how is it done?


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If it is anything like my 82, there is a 24mm drain plug underneath on the gearbox casing, at the lowest point, parallel to the driveshaft, pointing to the control arm.

The fill plug is on the front side and is also a 24mm.

If its just your daily drive and you dont thrash it too much, every 50,000kms should be fine


EDIT: pic for clarity.


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Thanks had a better look today and I can see an abvious fill point on the front side, looks like about 24mm but is a flat tapped bolt unlike the one in your picture with the hole in it. Also found drain plug as described. Also found what is a 12-13mm bolt with washer on its own at about same level as fill point also towards front but a bit more underneath and more towards the wheel side. Any idea what this is for? As for oil change, looks like it has never been done and cars done about 170 000km. Like I said the service schedule mentions nothing about changing it. No sign of leaks but sounds like a good idea to change it and make sure the level is right. Yes its just my daily commute but quickly got rid of the crappy tyres (never heard of the brand) and but on some Toyo Neo +, great in greasy conditions, good price and much quieter.

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I have a 98 Corolla CSX 1.8. Just wondering what brand of tyre was fitted from new as I want to replace the cheap tyres fitted at present.  

thanks in anticipation. 


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