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Hi everyone , I would like peoples ideas and opinnions on putting a roof top tent on a kluger.

I plan on going on a trip with few other mates and were taking three cars including my kluger and I still have my old rooftop tent that I use to put on my old hilux, but it had a steel frame canopy, so weight wasnt a issue.

When I sold my hilux and bought the prado I bought some roof racks so I could put it on the prado, but never had time to use my rooftop tent, so I dont know how well the prado would of handled it.

I asked my local arb dearler if the prado would handle that amount of weight, he said it would be fine, I have one on my landcruiser and its been all over australia on the toughest roads and the tent never gave me any problems.

Now thats for a prado, what about a kluger :g: , so I will ask the queston whats the weight the kluger would carry and will it carry a rooftop tent or have any of you members got a rooftop tent and use it on your kluger.

your thought and information would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers david :)

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The load rating for the roof rails is in the owner's manual. From memory it is 75kg for the kluger. That is gross weight including the weight of any cross rails or other hardware.

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Thanks kesawi, I went and asked a salesman at my local toyota dealer and he said there is only 5kg difference between the prado I had against the kluger, I have been a bit slack not getting around and finding out how heavy my rooftop tent is and see if the kluger would carry it or not.

When I had my prado the guys at my local arb dearler said the rooftop tent would be fine on the prado, being 5kg difference between the load carrying capacity, there might not be a problem.

I personally dont like the idea of the rooftop tent on the kluger, we are thinking of selling our territory and buying a 4wd dual cab, I was looking at 4wd v6 hilux that had a canopy and roof cage which would be good for the tent, but the missus wants a new territory, I am thinking of buying a cheap secondhand prado or hilux, just for 4wd trips and camping, but with the missus wanting a new car I dont know if the budget will stretch to having three cars and I have to pay more of my car loan before I can get out of the kluger, I only keep the kluger for a couple more years and I buy a fj or another prado, so I have to see what happen with the hilux dualcab.

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