Just Install - LPG on Camry 2007

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Hi all,

Just install omegas svi on 2007 Camry. Still observing how the performance & economy.

Performance feel no change

Economy dont know yet waiting 1st lpg fill

Any one convert to lpg and trip computer still works ,please let me know.



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1st fill: 14l/100k

2nd fill: 14l/100k woolies

3rd fill: 12l/100k woolies

I hope the next fill will as good as the 3rd...

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Hi there,

Just installed last week, and i have re-fuelled once, still waiting for my 2nd calculation. but for my first calculation i noticed about 20-30 % performance loss than my average with petrol on the same routes for 330 kilometers, which include 50% highway and uphill routes ( and downhill on return, it s a round trip route)

What engine is your camry 2007 ?

I ve been reading some resources from the web for optimizing engine setting for LPG :

1) Air Fuel ratio 15 something opposed to 14 something (on petrol)

2) Timing Advance 10 degree opposed to 12 degree (on petrol)

I wonder if above asumptions are correct and can I manually set the values, or does the engine CPU (engine : 2AZ-FE) adjust the value dynamically ?

I monitor from my Torque Pro OBD II Scanner as the vehicle runs :

(Air Fuel ratio varies from 14-15 and so does the Timing Advance varies from 8 - 12 (on idle RPM) and change to 20-30 as RPM gets higher )

can any body give me some clue ?

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12L/100km does not sound convincing. For my petrol only Camry, I have an average of below 10L/100km for most journeys of 50% urban and 50% freeways.

My advice is to fill the tyre pressure to 225kPa or slightly more in these winter times and clean the engine air filter regularly. I always pump RON 95 to get the best mileage.

Wish you good luck on the LPG.

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it sounds about right to me. the consumption in terms of L/km is expected to be higher with lpg over petrol. also don't forget you now added fair bit of weight to your car (the lpg system).

my 2008 altise consumes about 10L/100km on premium petrol, and about 11L/100km on regular.

the main reason i did not put lpg on mine was because the guy at toyota advised strongly against it. any one having issues yet?

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