Some pre-selling questions

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I am considering selling my '02 Corolla Ascent ZZE122R sedan because it's getting up the km's (just passed 220,000km) and I've been browsing some new vehicles. This was actually my first car and has served me well for the last 5 years. However, I have no experience selling and have a few questions to ask. I'm not looking to sell immediately, it may be within a few months. So I have time to fix anything that may need fixiing in order to get the car its best resale value.

  • Fixing dings in the bodywork. Will this make a significant difference to my selling price? I have two areas that need to be fixed. The first is a scrape against the rear passenger side wheel arch. Some panel beating and re-spraying is required which will cost $600-700 (so I've been quoted). The reason for the high cost is that this panel extends to the front A-pillar so the whole panel would need to to be re-sprayed. The second is scrape on the driver side corner of the rear bumper courtesey of some douchebag that doesn't know how to leave the kerbside after parking and does not leave a note. I was quoted that this would cost $230 - $250. Adding these two up is quite costly, so I don't know if selling the vehicle without these repairs will knock almost $1000 off it.

  • My right front shock absorber has been quite worn out for some time as it makes kocking noises or is generally noisy when cornering or going over bumpy roads. I've been quoted $400 to replace the front two shocks. I think not changing these will make it harder to sell the vehicle. Your opinions? Is it normal to have to change shocks after 200,000km? The left hand side doesn't appear to be noisy.

  • SRS airbag light flashes. I have had this flashing for a few years now mostly because I was too lazy to fix it after reading somewhere that it's not really a major issue. However, it could be a concern for selling otherwise may reduce sell value. Anyone know where this can be checked or reset in Sydney for cheap?

  • There are a few minor internal details such as the clock and aircon console lights not working, but from my understanding I should be able to change the lights for these.

The above are my main concerns and it all relates back to whether the cost of repairing it prior to selling it will have a major impact on the final sell price, so if you have any feedback at all it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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Seeing that there hasn't been a response, I thought some images might help in determining whether you think the external damege is significant enough to affect the vehicle's value.

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