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Keyless Entry


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I recently replaced the car battery on my 2008 Kluger and since then the keyless entry has been behaving errantically, working sometimes and not others. Does anyone know whether a reset is required after replacing the battery and how this is done ?

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Hi mate, im not sure if I going to help you or not, I seen no one has replied to this topic so Im going to have a crack, so sorry if Im not giving the answers you want to hear, mate did toyota change you battery or did you replace it yourself, if toyota changed it for you I cant see the central locking system needed to be reset, with the keyless entry playing up , have you parked anyware different, because somtimes some wireless security systems can cause you keyless entry to play up, but this is a stab in the dark, I personally havent had that problem with the kluger , but the prado I had did, I would park it in a certain spot in that street on several occasion and the locking system would not work, but move the car and park somwhere else and the locking system would work fine, when I first exsperienced this problem I thought it was the battery in my transpoder, so I changed the battery and tried it where I know it didnt work before and it did the same thing nothing and I even tried the other transpoder and it was the same to, the only way mate get it checked out by toyota and see what they say, I know mate they might charge you for their trouble, but somtimes you have to bite the bullet and get it fixed properly, anyway mate see how you go, sorry buddy I couldnt be more help.

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