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The return to Toyota... New SA63 owner from Perth!


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Hey guys I'm Cam, I'm 21 from Perth and I've just bought a 1983 SA63 celica!

My first two cars were Toyotas, and I loved their reliability and practicality. I've had a Nissan for the last 3 years and loved it too.

Met a guy at my work (Repco), he was a regular customer you used to bring in these old Celicas, he has played with them since like 1995, had 5 xA6x models at the time... Long story short I fell in love with the shape as soon as i saw one, then knowing that they are RWD and a 1JZ fits, I was sold.



This is a silver coupe, its 2S-C auto at the moment so its a fkn slug, but that will change. low kms. and I mean low. 90,000kms and I know this is genuine. Paint is perfect, only 2 small rust spots and no big dings... I paid $2000 including a W series box (pretty sure its a 55), pedal box, manual centre console, standard 5sp from st141 corona, an old auto, spare headlights, steering rack and 2 crates of electrical stuff.

I've got about $7,000 to spend on a W series box and a 1JZ from a JZX90 front cut, using the JZA80 NA bell housing, button clutch, bonneville engine mounts (if they still make them), custom exhaust made by me. Then later down the track a ill save more for a Megasquirt and a big single :) All installed and road tuned by me. Built not bought sorta ****...

I've got everything else sorted except the dash (speedo drive conversion), EFI system, gotta mount a fuel pump, relay, filter, lines and ****... Then somehow work the body harness into the ECU harness. I've found a **** load of reference material on the net though, gotta love fourms...

Thinking work equip 03s in 15in and some sort of aggressive offset and I'll lower it by about 50mm with Kmac springs and GT shocks, not sure if coilovers are possible in the front, cos the hub is built in to the bottom of the strut :( Might need a hub conversion too...

TL;DR version: Heaps of ideas, don't know where to start...

I'll update as I go, but right now I'm just gonna service it and clean it up until my other car sells and I have money :)


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