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Installed Borla Exhaust on my Camry (Pic & Sound)


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hmm....i got them from the United States. As for the Camry, dont make it anymore. go to www.borla.com and they've got some sound clips of their exhaust.

Borla Exhaust is pretty much not too loud and sounds like the Bmw 330 or the Nissan 350z on the V6 Camry. The Borla Exhaust is the same thing as the TRD exhaust, only with different brand.

but if you wanna import them in to Australia just remember, shipping cost for me was $95usd with the help of my aunty. and TAX 20% ($60aud).

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obviously the sportivo muffler sounds better, especialy the one in this link

Sportivo Muffler Sound

i was only using my memory stick to record. if i was using the tape it would have been better quality. i reckon the Sportivo muffler is softer then the Borla.

"perthcamry" drive down to sydney one day.... :) i wanna hear the sportivo muffler with my own 2 ears :D

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Funny thing I just put a Sportivo one on at my first service. Mine is a 4 cyl but sounds a lot better - like there is an engine now

would you be able to give me a description of how loud the Sportivo Muffler is? :lol:

because i am seriously considering getting one, but i have a problem with excessive sounds :unsure:

so when driving normally, with the windows up, am i able to hear it? and am i able to talk to people without having to raise my voice? stuff like that :lol:

also from the outside, will it be blatently obvious you have a different muffler? or is it like a more suttle "sports" muffler, seen on a standard SS or XR8 for example?

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Hmmm well Its got a bass note when you start it (remember its a 4cyl), it sounds like an Alfa from the outside when revved (so the guys at work told me). If sitting at hwy speed you would hardly notice it. But they all said it was fairly quiet untill about 3500 rpm. :D

When revved it has the Alfa sound like in that new add. :)

I didn't want too much noise either, its def a sporty car sound, but yeah you can talk with no problem. Its just before the Camry was super quiet I never heard the engine , now I can tell what it is doing. Then again I also got a window seal fixed under warranty

After I get it unichiped I am hoping to make the sound a bit better as at the moment there is a slight flat spot or two. :D

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Hey PerthCamry

Going to be following your idea i think after looking around at various exhaust places and after hearing leasaunce's sound clip of the sportivo muffler it will sound good on my v6 and whilst im at it upgrading to the high mount spoiler.

In couple of weeks getting king springs put on :D we shall have to catch up once this work is done cos im interested in the unichip as well. B)

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hmmm......i dont think getting the UNICHIP is a good idea. <_< its way too expensive for about 10kw extra.:huh:

you can change the stock Crank Pulley ($180AUD approx) and gain +2kw. then do something else, etc.... by the end you will be gaining more than +10kw.

But hey if you got the money to burn go for it id say!! :D

let us know once youve done it! ;)

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The pipes are stock apart from the muffler available at Toyota for about $390. I think I have lost a little bottom end power and hope that the an air cleaner gives this back. The advantage of the Unichip is that if you modify the exhaust you change the engine need for fuel over the power curve and therefore putting a big exhaust on can create more problems than its worth.

Most changes to engine can be accommodated for by the Unichip. $1500 with a dyno and all read outs. If there is no modification to air intake or exhaust there maybe little gain for a powerchip. Unfortunately the XR6 turbo is super easy to modify but it is not a Camry....... :P

Anyone heard of any flash tuners coming out for Camrys ? :D

Yeap spordeno have to catch up and recruit some others in the west. :)

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