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hi everyone!

i havent posted on here for a while but i have several questions that i wished to be answered if possible. My 2003 corolla sportivo is about to hit 100k and i need to service it.

My first question is can i trust Ryco product? if so i am going to buy the air filter, oil filter, fuel pump filter and just use those instead of the OEM products that toyota make because i think toyota will definitely over charge, so please let me know and your experieces with Ryco/OEM product and how do they diff from one another. Recently i notice that it takes a lil longer to start but i do know that i need a new battery soon, my current battery that i have atm doesn't tell me the CCA of it. I have gone to autobarn and try purchase a new one but they arent in stock, so i dont know what this battery looks like or the minimum/maximum limit of the CCA that i would need. The guy retail guy advised me to not to go above 480 cca but i still think that it is a lot still, i want a bigger battery but not be able to over charge it to the point where it blows the solenoid of the starter motor. Melbourne's cold weather is attacking my car!

Also i've checked on the sites for part numbers and this is what came up, i had remember that the oil filter for the 2ZZ was a lil different, in terms of part number.

Race Brakes. Compound RB74 Corolla Sportivo front DB1431

Ryco Oil Filter 2ZZGE part number Z432 with anti Drain back Valve

are those the right brake pads that i would need? also is there a DIY bleeding the brakes then changing the brake pads on this site?

My final question and thank you for being patience with this, is that would the cabin filter that Ryco provide be the same as the air con filter in the manual? i was ****** off to open it up to see that my car had no air con filter!!! farrrrrr out!! a while back i posted that my car didn't come with any left tweeters and now no air con filter? oh c'mon! i expected a lot more from my toyota dealer, i guess i got jibbed!.

anyway i will summarise it all up for everyone

service parts

Ryco air filter

Ryco oil filter

Ryco cabin filter? (if it's the same as the air con filter)

Castrol 5w-30 or 10w - 30 (most likely 10w - 30 just because the manual says that the 5w-30 only goes up to 45 C degree only)

Compound RB74 Corolla Sportivo front DB1431??? (i'm not too sure about this since i dont know much about brakes)

tyres : 205/50R (i would like to purchase the same specification but with grip on them this time, i am willing to spend 100-160 a typr if it means that it's going to last me longer with plenty of grip)

i think that's about it, if i have missed something that i should be servicing then let me know.

thank you for reading my post :blush:

kind regards


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Genuine filters aren't expensive. I typically use ryco on engines I'm starting for the first time doing an oil flush on, the once it's flushed I'll switch to a genuine filter. The genuine air filters have a better surround than the ryco filters, I wouldn't use anything but a genuine fuel filter in a ZZE.

You may get a bit of squeal with the RB74's, genuine pads are also fine if you're not tracking the car.

5W30 is also fine and good for the VVT mechanism.

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Because of this I checked my cabin filter and I didn't have one either!! How annoying. I have tweeters though...

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