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2ZZGE running like cr@p on cold startup

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The weather here in NZ is very cold at the moment. Typically 1-3 degrees overnight. In the morning, my car is just undriveable until it has warmed up. When I first bought it ( at 50,000 km) it wasn't too bad when cold. But now (120,000 km), it won't do anything more than idle until the temperature gauge has risen to about 1/8 past cold, even though the heater can be pumping out warm air.

This can make it interesting when pulling out into traffic on a barely warmed up engine. It's like " C'mon Gertie, you can do it', as the car idles across the line of oncoming traffic, and then all of a sudden, after the danger has passed, the engine leaps into life, as the computer senses that some tempersture threshold has been passed.

But it seems as though its been gradually getting worse. Could this be a thermostat issue?

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is your car cable or fly by wire throttle?

come on dani!!!! if anyone should know the reason the 2zz were dropped as an engine was that they could not meet emission regs as they did not have an electronic throttle. No 2zz has! :P

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2zz's in the US and japan have drive by wire throttles...

For the cold hesitation, you can try a spark plug 1 range hotter. Also check the seams on the coilpacks for discolouration or any brownish marks. If they have brown marks or cracks the coils are arcing out to the head.

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also the european TTE supercharged version has fly-by wire too. it had it to fit the supercharger inside.

also jason, i recently changed my spark plugs as well and them have brownish marks around the neck (looks like rust) so this is not normal? do i need to clean it up or replace them?

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