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Levin ZR - HID globes advice needed

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Was wondering if anyone has experienced this issue before I go and get it checked out? I've noticed the HID headlights in my Levin ZR have been playing up recently. By playing up I mean they will come on as normal then after a short while I will lose one, then they will both go out. I can rotate the light stick to off then back up to on and they turn on again for a while then go out.

I'm thinking that the globes may be on the way out and want to replace them first before looking into whether it may be a ballast. I've come across these HID globes on ebay - JDM GARAX D4S D4R HID was looking at the 6000K ones. Has anyone had any experience with them and if so good or bad and which type will suit the Levin D4S or D4R? also are there any other options (phillips)?

Interested to hear your experiences with HIDs :-)

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Hey mate, not 100% sure if they're on the way out. Maybe an electrical problem that should be checked out by Toyota?

In regards to Garax, a few of the members have the 6000k D4S bulbs on their ZRs. They are a bit more blue than the stock 4300k bulbs but are not annoying 8000k blues.

Also, it is best not to go more than 6000k anyway, as it will be more difficult to see in the rain and at night the higher kelvin you go.


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I had the same problem, come on fine then after a few minutes when warm one would switch off, they were on the way out for sure..

I got these from eBay but sorry can't remember store or cost..

Really happy with these, 6000k are brilliant white, any higher then they just look blue and cheap


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HID bulbs don't live forever and what you have experienced is a normal sign that they have reached the end of their life.

We're getting to the point where some of the earliest Toyota's with HID headlights are needing replacement, where many people (including dealers) are mistaking the problem with an electrical issue.

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