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celica gt4 st185 wiring problem - need help.

st185 gt4

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hi guys. my name is reggie. i drive a celica gt4 st185 . at the time of the car's purchase the car was running a 3sgte mr2 engine and was running on a aftermarket ems ecu. recently i've had problems with the car and needed to replace the engine.

i have managed to find myself a healthy 3sgte engine that is meant for the gt4 and got it fitted in and planned on putting the car back to stock therefore removing the dodgy wiring harness the car was running on before (being piggybacked and all from an mr2 wiring loom) and buying a new harness and have it run on a stock ecu.

all work has been completed but the car wont start. its cranking but it wont turn over as its not getting any spark. i have replaced the coil as at first thought i suspected it to be the problem. i have had a mechanic look at it and he suggest its a wiring problem that connects the car's stock ecu. i suspect this is the case as well since the car was afterall running everything on the aftermarket ecu before.

anyone got any thought on this ? would an auto electrician be able to fix this easily or is it gonna be a big job and end up costing me lots of dollars just to get the car running again ? does anyone know any place out there in sydney that works on gt4's or would recommend ? any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance !

not sure if you guys can see but below are just some pics of the car .




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Think the crank angle sensors are different for the MR2 3sgte and the Gt4, might not be recognising. Remove all the piggy back crap and plug in normal ecu and wiring. my wisdom is very limited, much more knowlegde on Toymods or ozcelica. Also many guys that have more electrical experince with MR2 and Gt4 motors than i do

Is that a CF bonnet?

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with the crank angle sensors .. the engine swap was a success and the new engine is one made for a gt4 so this should have eliminated this possibility ? all the piggyback crap have already been removed and the stock ecu has been placed in . yeah im gonna get it towed and give it a shot at a auto sparky but hopefully it dont cost me an arm and a leg as they would have to find the source of the problem and would have to continue on from the job of another mechanic who have worked on the wiring previously.

yup that is a carbon fibre bonnet =] .

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Hey pal, you have to make sure that you get a loom and computer which are compatible. THEY ARE NOT ALL THE SAME!!! I put a new loom in my car years ago and the fuel pump pin was different to the old loom, so you may need a pinout for your ECU (which is easy to find online) and go through it

Good luck with that


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