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Newbie from the Philippines


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Good day Y'all.

I'm from the Philippines and the main reason why I'm here is because the local Toyota Corolla forums are a little sleepy so I decided to get a move on where its a little more happening.... and where there's a lot more aftermarket support for the Corolla Altis.

We, in the Philippines, affectionately call my type of vehicle the Altis 10th gen. Which kinda looks like this...


I have no idea what the engine code or the chassis code is back there in AU. So partly, I don't have a clue what parts are there to get for my car. All I know is that it has a 1.6 engine and a 5 speed tranny. I was kinda hoping that our kind of Corolla Altis share the same parts as that of the variants that are released there locally.

I used to have a boosted car. I had to sell it in favor of a huge a$$ed family van (a Hyundai H-1) and this is what I'm left with. I'd have to admit... I'm kinda missing the torque, noise and speed. But with my Altis, I think I'm sticking with an I/H/E upgrade.

Down the line, what I would like for my car to do, is to be at par with a Honda B16 on a circuit course. I know its a little far fetched... but I'd still like to do it here, simply because it hasn't been done yet. I'm kinda contemplating on campaigning the car through its paces in next years Circuit Showdown http://circuitshowdown.com/

As far as racing goes here in the Philippines... this is the only avenue for grass roots cheap ***** racers like us to peg against each other.

I hope I'm kinda welcome here coz..... I got nowhere else to go. Hehehehe

Kind regards and more power to the boards!

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Welcome to the Aussie Forums Kabayan !

have you also tried browsing the us forums [toyota nation]. ? Their corollas over there are badged the Altis models as well, so hopefully you can find more information on your car there too !

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