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G'day from WA - New Member


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G'day all,

Just a quick shout out to everyone on here. ;)

I am very new and still working my way around and getting the feeling of this site. Not really sure what to expect though, any tips would be good. A friend suggested it, thought it would be cool to eventually meet some fellow Toyota owners.

By the way, I have a 2012 Toyota Corolla Sport Hatchback in colour Shimmer. I bought it on the 22nd August. Well in actual fact I did a trade in deal. I previously had a 2001 Toyota Corolla Sedan in white but have been looking for a new car for a while (was not desperate though, my previous car had 170,000kms and was still in really good condition) and I just felt the time was right.

So now I have a brand new car and I love it! Great to drive, the interior is lovely and there is heaps of room both inside and in the boot. Am tossing up whether to get a personalised licence plate for it, am a huge fan of the Perth Wildcats so maybe one of those, don't want to spend to much at this stage, the new car cost me enough as is. :P

Attached is my new baby (you can see the previous one in the immediate background)!




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good day mate...

welcome to the club.. and hi from another WA ians :P

wa section used to be very active but has gone dead for some reason...

anyway... me and bumbuddy ( another zre 152 owner) is trying to create some events ( meets and cruises).

Keep checking the wa meets and greets section and im sure u will find some shortly.

some of the boys still busy on uni exam etc... we will try to make one soon..

once again... welcome to the club :)

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