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Facelift your 2007-09 rolla

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Hey guys,

A while back I wondered how painful it would be to upgrade a pre facelift corolla hatch to have the characteristics of the facelift version. Through a lot of patience and scouring Ebay or bargains on panels I've finally acquired all the required parts.

I am having them painted and I'll be fitting them later this week. If anyone is interested I will post some pics of my attempt to spruce up my rolla and a list of all the parts you would need to do this yourself.

UPDATED: Finished pics below.

NOTE* One thing i did not take into consideration is the difference in wheel guard profile. It does not completely match. It's not a huge issue, but if you look at it you can tell it's not quite right. Don't know if wheel guards are expensive, dont think i'll bother investigating.

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Posting these pictures I nabbed from carsales. They are a good representation of what my Corolla was before I started doing things. As you can see, it was completely stock standard. Will post some more pictures of the things I've been doing soon and hopefully the exterior parts later in the week or early next.






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One of the new headlights required for the front transformation. Added my own philips 6000k HID conversion kit. I've tried taking full advantage of the space allocated for the factory ballast. Excuse the extremely ' ghetto ' five minute bracket I made with a pair of tin snips......... >.<




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I can't be 100% certain until I've completed the transformation. But I believe, the blue circled items can be transferred from pre-facelift and the red circles are completely new parts. Obviously the fog light covers or mounts will depend on if you want fog lights. I just bought some foggies from Ebay to suit . Not 100% sure if pre-facelifts can simply get away with a new mounting bracket. Given my rolla did not have foglights it wasn't really much of a choice.

I'll give an itemised break down on price soon when I figure out how much I've spent.






Parts required thus far;


Front Bumper Cover $315 new genuine

Lower Grille $120 new genuine

Top Grille $87 from wreckers

Towing covers ? ? ?

Bonnet $ 325 new genuine

Left Headlight $390 new Genuine

Right headlight $75 Ebay

Foglight covers or foglights + brackets if desired $100 for fog lights from Ebay and brackets ? ? ?

Bumper skirting ? ? ?

Front retainer (rubber strip) ? ? ?

Painting $700

Total so far $2,112.00


Bumper cover $160 wreckers

reflectors - included with bumper

lower skirt - included with bumper

hatchback latch garnish $ Toyota lists as 399. Have to confirm with the panel beaters sourcing it for me for actual price. Will update soon

Painting $225

Total so far $784 (includes current toyota price for garnish)

Some of the colour codes on the newer models vary a little.... apparently. The rear garnish for the hatch is being sent colour coded for my model so we'll see how it goes. The idea was to save a little at the painters.

Please keep in mind these are preliminary totals. I will update the final amounts when the job is done. It is also worth noting that even at this stage it ' could ' have been done a lot cheaper if I had a little more patience. As you can see the huge price difference between the two headlights.

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Looking forward to pics, what colour is your car ? :whistling: black ?

I wish it was black, unfortunately not. It's the less than exciting shimmer colour. Bought it as an ex demo at a clearance. Sadly ALL of them were the same colour =/

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The spoiler is definetly on the list of things to do. I'd been considering putting the Auris badge on it but may just debadge it. Hadn't thought much about the antenna but will look into something a bit better. The standard one is not very appealing =/

Next on the cards however is new exhaust, and CAI. From there, who knows!

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