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Shifter and Key hole light


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Take it out and see ?

Your gonna have to take it out if your going to replace it anyways

Thanks Einstien.. I don't remember asking for a smart ***** response.

The point of the forum is to ask questions. So if i can save time by finding the globes and ordering them before i have to pull out all the panels i only have to do the job once and have a lesser chance of breaking something. So if you dont know the answers don't bother responding bud.

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Whats the point of the forum then if you cant trust any ones responses? going by your logic we cannot believe that trentmeyer23 agrees with you because he is a random guy on the internet. that sucks, we will never know if anyone agrees or disagrees with your statement.

Secondly, obviously you are not the type of person that should be answering the thread because your knowledge is limited on the topic and you also think a h7 bulb can fit in that compartment. The Questino is would i risk $2 on some t5's or t10's? yes i have cash to burn i don't think it will set me back too far.

Guy above you answered the question fine. So next time don't add your 2cents.

This forum is a complete joke compared to toyotanation.com, the only thing on here that is reasonable is the for sale section.

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