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what damage have I done, pls?


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5L motor, run abt 2hrs with small oil leak @ ~3000rpm. knock developed, NO red light, topped up oil, [3l] to 1/4 from bottom mark ~2000rpm for abt 7 min with knock. Transported back several hours later. not run since.

No info on motor temp, or actual oil pressure.

Leak from used Jackmaster oil filter with prev. undiscovered bad thread in ali body.

i suspect it's a big end,

will it likely need a crankshaft & rod replacement?

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Geez mate,friggin oil filters its hard to get a good after market one,at least one that you can trust.Been hearing abit about dodgy threads,cans leaking,o rings failing etc. aka-Ryco sth Africa/China.

The 5L uses a Z9 filter which is a std Falcon filter

Stick with genuine (is it worth the $10 ya save )

Mate I,d be inclined to replenish the oil,fit a oil pressure gauge-(capillery type) will do,start the engine up with zero throttle and letting it idle check the cold oil pressure,but more importantly see how long it takes to come up.

The knock you are hearing is it much louder than the dreaded diesel knock these engines are known for

Being a 5L it has a mechanical rotary injector pump,where as the 5L-E has ECU dependant EFI pump.

Oil pressure should be almost instant,use an oil filter that is going to stay full,not drain back Eg; one with an anti drain back valve.

One thing the 5L is not immuned to,is long oil change intervals,as they tend to sludge/carbon up and the sludge tends to starve the big ends.

If the oil pressure readings indicate erratic pressure I,d be inclined to shout it a new set of mains and big end bearings,simple enough to do whilst in the vehicle if the sump can be removed whilst in place.

On the subject of oil pressure warning lights,they normally go out and only come back on again at something like 5lb pressure (sorry for the old school term) if that,

Hope its not all that bad for you mate,

Cheers Conrod ---Keep us informed of you out come

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