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linhvo's sx6


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have been on this forum for a few months.

currently a p plater with a sx6. being a p plater means REAL tight budget :L

away here is my ride

currently has

kings springs

6000k hid

led parkers, courtesy, interior right, map lights

charcoal/grey painted rear diffuser, foglamp housings and front grille

aftermarket aurion/camry headunit

continental tyres

18x235 fox wheels

magnaflow mufflers








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hehehe thanks guys

yes it is one heck of a p plater car. feel heaps privileged to have it :D

white aurions are mad defyant!!

future plans.....offcourse, u can neva run out of ideas

- 35% tints (had 25% before, had to rip it off cos i got defected)

- blacked out roof

- eye lids

- mesh grill

thats all i can think of atm

18s ride alright, i been in an aurion with 19s before so i wudnt know. i love the look of 19s. wouldnt the profile of the tyre help with the ride

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just a quick lil update on my sx6. just small cheap mods.

1. quick $10 worth white carbon vinyl, wrapped the door handles. rather than having black (silver for the prodigy's)

all you need is the vinyl, head gun, wax and grease remover ( i just used my mum's ethanol)

was thinking of doing doing the silver trims aswell. i can take off the ones off the dash easy, but i havent had time to take off the ones on the door panels.

mite do it after my exams

just got the smd's from the mailman today and no time to spare, they went right into the maplights.





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I took a picture too bumbuddy. But i recently capped my internet and now its slow as f***. =="

yeh its severely limited cos of uni mainly :(

Im about 3 weeks away from my long uni break soo plenty of mods coming guys :D

I cant wait to earn extra money and mod the aurion.

My tints have already arrived. I've got a sub and amp ready to be put in aswell :D

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Yeah I have about the same left, at uni. Then the mods shall begin (hopefully) ;)

I need two new tyres, so hoping to get it lowered at the same time.

Need to tint the car too, because ive noticed my seat covers starting to fade at the back. :'( :'(

Then if i have time (I'll find time), I'll look into doing some of that carbon fibre wrapping on the interior.

Keep us posted on your mods, your car looks great, keen to see how you make her look even better.

GOOD LUCK on exams too btw! :)

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random shot of my first car, subaru liberty rx bilstein edition rx gen2

just comparing the 2, i wish the aurion was awd or fr and that it was a lil lighter......

both cars have its pros and cons

what are ur first cars?


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i always wanted a r33 as a first car when i was still in highschool. but as we grow up, things neva go the way we want it.

i always wanted a r33 gts25t series 2

Haha yeah, I just worked and worked and worked. As a result, didn't have much of a social life in high school years, but ended up with the car :) Spent far too much on it though

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despite i didnt get to own a r33, i still managed to drive one of my mate's r33 round the block. i gotta say it felt soo cool every time u let off the gas and it does the bov sound :blush:

yeh white aurions with low k's are darn hard to find :(

if only there was just as much white aurions as there are silver ones

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so christmas break has finally came.

got a set of eyelids as a gift

i colour coded them to the colour of the car and they look sweet :clap:

also get a set of type s alpine 6x9s for the rear. rumors says it doesnt fit, but i got them to fit.

with 9mm mdf and the bracket that alpine supply, it JUST clears the rails and sits nice and snug under the rear parcel

next up are the front speakers and amp to follow.




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Nice SX! Was going for one in white but couldn't find ante 07s under 70k kms, and then saw a green camry sportivo - couldn't keep my eyes off her :D

She's my first one :)

It's a shame he camry's here don't come with V6 engines :(

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