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Hey guys,

So a mate of mine back home in Dubai, has a 6 series who changed his headlights and taillights to fade on when he unlocks the car and to fade off when he locks the car.

First year uni semester 1 is coming to a close and have nothing but spare time to do whatever i want to my car! I was wondering if it was possible to do something like that on my Aurion Touring 08?

Furthermore, I wanted to ask if anyone had an idea about the cash id have to save up to do a full body paint for my car. Considering changing from Silver/Ash Gray to Black body with a red ceiling and spoiler?

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Quite possible if you know that you are doing. Headlights however would need to use halogen bulbs or some LED's to do the fade part because HID's definitely won't, and tail lights probably require internal modification as they probably use a regulated supply to prevent their brightness from fading down with reduce power so the are probably just going to either be on or off.

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I want to do this to my Aurion..

My mate did it to one of my other cars, you unlock it and the parking lights come on.

Does anyone know where to get the kit from ?

And BTW headlights won't be able to turn on, the only things that will turn on when unlocking the car would be the Park lights

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