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My 1990 Toyota Celica 4ws GTR (jap Import)


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Hey Guys,

Very new to Toyotas as this is my first one, was after a bit of a project for me as I have a Nissan navara D22 model that i recently purchased new....wasnt going to modify it at all..next thing i know it has a 3 inch lift, 32 inch mud tyres, the whole stereo re done and im thinking i have to stop!!! This is a brand new car.

Then a friend of a friend has this Celica for sale, wich i ended up purchasing, for $500!!, Everything runs and works, all it needs is a new water pump and on the road she is!! Beuty i thought!, well, while cleaning her up I noticed it needs new shocks, pads will be due soon, and a nice service soon, but what the hek, I paid $500 for it.

Im going to attack the water pump issue this weekend, I like to consider myself a DIY kinda person, so on my nice searching on the web, along with the dreadful news that the water pump is in the Timing case on the 3sGE engine, I decided i better join a forum!.

WELL...being a $500 car, there are a few things I have noticed that just dont seem right. For example, the 4ws steering, i was under the assumption, that if i turned the front wheels right, the back wheels will turn left, but no!, they both turn right? Is this correct or is there something wrong with it? Also on the dash the Battery light, and what looks like a coolant light? Not sure its funny looking, and a picture of a car with what looks like tail light warning flash up on the dash every now and then. I put a new battery in it and they went away, But come back every now and them. ( not that i drive the car much it still needs the wat erpump.)

And final but not least the 4WS symbol is on the dash constantly, is there an error I should look for or somerthing i shoudl look into?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

On a happy note tho I am very impressed with the 10 speaker audio and how moderm the interior looks for a 22 year old car!!

I will post up pictures later on when i load them off my iphone!!

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The alternator is on the way out and not holding charge properly. Mine went and had the fuzzy light and the tails also on the dash. When doing water pump, do the belt, tensioner and pully and i think the oil seal. I think the 4ws is normal like that. kinda annoying though will handle kinda weird always adjusting to the angle of the steering wheel.

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4WS is an odd system, I for one dont like it... AFAIK when the light is on then the system is working... so it seems like its fine.

As Jo said, your alternator is calling the quits and it would be wise to change it along with the water pump all in the one go since you will have all the covers off.

Keen for pics dude! :D

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