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Corolla E160 News

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I really hope it's a complete flop when it comes to sales (when compared with the previous gen...dont want Toyota going bust here do we). At least then they will at least try be an award winning car instead of just "another corolla". 103kw/173Nm? Torsion beam rear? A step backwards with the interior? I remember when the E150 was out I was really surprised by how nice the interior was. This one? I rather my old E120 thanks. It'll all be okay on the base/lower end models but the Levin? It's such a huge dissapointment.

I guess the equipement levels are good. And the exterior is in my opinion amazing.

To me I have a sense that with the Camry/Aurion, Toyota has really tried hard to come up with something good/market leading with as much of the budget the bean counters have let them. This corolla seems like a good facelift. Not a competely new model to take on the now very modern Focus/golf/3 and the impreza/civic/i30 and the upcoming pulsar.

Here is a review anyway i found.

http://www.caradvice.com.au/196906/2013-toyota-corolla-review/ and specs here http://www.caradvice.com.au/196765/2013-toyota-corolla-pricing-specifications/

All in all this new corolla reminds me of one of my assignments when i was back in uni. Very nice to look at (presentation wise), but in the end only got a 60%.

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Rear end looks like a Mitsubishi Nimbus.

Front end looks like a mix of Subaru Impreza, Camry Sportivo and 86. :unsure:

Wonder if a Sedan model will come out...

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Disappointed Australia didnt get the double wishbone rear suspension setup. For me, I would have bought one in the future if it had said suspension, without a doubt!

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