Help ECU reset ?

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for the life of me i cannot fiind it on the forums and cant see it in the FAQ

Someone tell me the process of resetting the ecu and making it learn the "softer Driving" since i put my new battery my fuel consumption has gone through the roof!

average was 500Km to a Empty Fuel light coming on now its only 450km or less O_O !

Cheers to who ever can link me to the old post or repost it for me.

Thanks, Steele.

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Here's the one you might be thinking of:

Otherwise, try a Toyota dealership, ask them nicely if they'll do it for free. When I had my mech mate do it, he just plugged in the Toyota magic unit and did it through that, took a minute or two.

To learn softer driving, well, drive it softly I suppose. See if it'll learn off using cruise control, I know my economy is at its peak when I avoid the pedal and just use the stalk.

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