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Hi There,

I have a very annoying problem that has had Toyota and the local mechanic unable to find the source of the fault.

At about 50,000km and under warranty our 5 speed manual Rav 4 developed a very hard clutch pedal.

Basically felt heavier than an old V8 commodore cable clutch.

Took it back to TOYOTA TWICE with no fault found.

We put up with it and at 70,000km it became very hard to drive and we kept stalling the car as the clutch was that heavy and was basically a switch. ON/OFF with no in between.

Just after that it started to slip and before we knew it needed a new clutch.

TOYOTA refused to accept any warranty claim and quoted us 2 grand for the job.

We the got our local mechanic to do the job and purchased a quality EXEDY clutch.

The old clutch was removed and it was worn out past the rivets.

Very strange considering we have never towed and drive it with resepect.

The new clutch was fitted and were told that all will be fixed.

Well to our amazement the clutch was fitted but it drives exacty the same.

Very heavy clutch and very hard to drive in traffic.

We have since had the brake/clutch fluidl flushed which made no difference.

Does anyone have any idea of what might be causing the clutch to be so hard and act as a switch.

Basically like a racing button clutch.

There is obviusly a fault somewhere and if we dont fix it I would not expect this cutch to last much longer either.



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Hi JC,

Have you had any luck with your clutch problems? I recently bought a 2008 RAV4 from original owner and the clutch is very heavy and jumpy in 1st and 2nd gear. It's very annoying to drive in peak hour traffic!! It was fine when we bought... only now after 3 months the clutch has gotten worst. Toyota advised us that it's the pressure plate and quite expensive to fix. Did you manage to solve your clutch problems?



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