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Hey all,

a n00b to this forum but def. not to the forum world. So if ive missed the introduction thread...feel free to move it. :)

Me names cameron, noticed evl_50a organise a cruised and invited the sydney rolla club which is where im seen most. Thought id check you guys out.

and this is my ride:

Hey all, I just bought my 2nd rolla not too long ago and its gunna be a work car 4 me. Nuthin better than an extremely powerful 4 banger for your first car. Anywayz its a ae92 CS rolla with a 4afc (as some of you might know, they definatly dont pump much power such as the pink barbie one at autosalon :lol: )

Future Mods :


I am yet undecided however, im very biased towards the 20v silvertop. I like the style of the engine as it suits me. I would like to eventually rebuild the bottom end with GZE internals and keep the head stock but freshly rebuilt and then turbo it running a max of 15psi.Supercharge is also an option. :huh:


I would like to respray the car in holden Sting red with a purple pearl. Other exterior aspects i would add obviously is tinted windows, full custom exhaust system, rims (not chromies, polished alum. 4 me!) and i wish to get front and rear bars lipped, and lipped rollguards and jetspeed side skirts, and lowered on superlows.


I would like to get my interior completely all redone to something very similar to "flynsx" coz i am a huge fan of that. I am thinking Black marine vinyl and adding a touch of red here and there on the custom door trims. I would like to make custom door trims myself as well as sub boxes, and other little aspects out of a descent wood(polished up looks very nice). I plan to get power windows, mirrors, keyless entry...all that stuff!


I currently have a sound system which i installed myself. However eventually i would like to make custom amp flooring for my boot and custom sub box to go in the boot as well. I would like to get some 6 inch splits up front (yet to decide) and also maybe some 6x9's as well (hence the reason custom doortrims). I would also like some speakers in the back for rear fill either 4 inch or 6 inch in doors. I would also like to get a cd stacker for the boot and also a tv screen eventually and that means a dvd player too :hic: . I plan on getting some of the new square kicker 12 inch subs, Rockford fosgate amps, and speakers yet to be decided. Also would like a fancy pioneer colour headunit.

I also have one secret mod, which im still contemplating doing or not...see what happens.







As you can tell it should take a while and i cannot do anything till probably after christmas 2005. Some may be wondering y spend all the money on a rolla? i admire them for thier power for thier size. also im only 17 going onto 18...so i would like to stick to a smaller car that is very reliable and powerful for its size. Also you just cant go past the toyota....corolla in particular!



ok couldnt find my digi so only camera phone shots. lemme know wat u think!





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sorry i know only alil abt cars, but wht's a 20v silvertop??..... like wht car's engine is it from?

plus macca where would u try find the interiors from?

Cheers for the welcome people. appreciate it. its a very clean car with no problems and it was a bargain. i know ae92 corollas like the back of my hand... down to the last kg of thier weight :lol: . Thanks again, keep the welcomes coming :P

mate 20v silvertop is the 4th generation toyota 4age.

came from the corolla. ae101 models from japan.

you have 1st gen - blue top from ae82 twinky and AW11 mr2???

2nd gen - red and black top from ae82 twinky

3rd gen - red top smallport from ae92 sx

4th gen - 20v silvertop ae101 corollas (theres 2 generations of these)

5th gen - 20v blacktop from the ae112 corollas

then there are the super charged engines the gze.

interiors...plenty of places around. look in the yellow pages.

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ohhh....cool thx for makeing it clearer.

lol....well like i said if i had the money i'd wanted to buy a celica engine. but dun laugh if it's not feasible as i'm still ultra new to cars!!

hey macca does u're rolla come with a/c, mine didnt. thus another reason y mod'ing it would be kinda waste if i didnt add an a/c to make the ride abit more comfortable while on the other hand i was told that if i'm going to all that trouble y dun i mod a new car in a few yrs time...lol..,....

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nah mate a celica engine will work. obviously depends which. ur car is FWD so naturally to save all the muckin around, you would go a 3SGE or 3SGTE (turbo). These go great, i know someone who has a 3SGTE in his ae92 corolla making 178kw atw.

my rolla doesnt come with air con. The se/cs/cs limited/csi all didnt come with it, i think it was an add on and same goes with the csi limited i think. the sx and gti and csx all came with air con. Honestly mate, done bother with it. Ive been told its a bitch to hook up after an engine conversion and a lot of people say u cant do it, but a mate of mine just put a GZE in his rolla and he said it was fine.

Ur lucky but mate, your already efi...4afe...im carby, i need to convert to efi when i do my engine conversion.

Ok, mate...basic lessons. U have a corolla ok... any 4a engine will "bolt" straight into your car, hence y people dont muck around with other engines coz the 4a's are powerful and easy enuf. U can put in any of these engines, 4ac, 4afc, 4afe, 4age, 4agze ... but obviously only go the last two. the others arnt worth it.

You need to do a bit of research. Get on google, its your friend, type in Toyota 4age.... etc etc, or ae92 and do your research.

Any questions mate, dont hesitate to give me a buzz.

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