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Recommendations for Canopy on Dual Cab Hilux.

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I just wanted to get people's opinions on good canopies, brands and models, as well as good vendors in Sydney area. I have a 2009 dual-cab Hilux SR5 4l V6 petrol 4x2.

Some important considerations for me are:

- security. What windows are the most secure? If I get solid walls will that adversely affect visibility while driving? Which doors/locks are most secure? Is fibreglass easy to pop off at all? Does anyone have an alarm system with their canopy, and can it be integrated into an alarm system for the ute as a whole? Has anyone had anything stolen out of a canopy and how did they get in?

- size. I want to maximise space in the canopy. However do the raised canopies (that don't sit flush with the roof but go up a bit) affect drag and fuel consumption much?

- weight. Fibreglass vs steel - pros & cons of each? What's the weight of a steel canopy vs the fibreglass? The steel ones I'm think of are these ones:


Anything else I haven't thought of?

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In my opinion nothing beats the arb fibreglass canopy... All windows lock, accessibility is easy and it looks good... The new curve shaped ones look **** house, I'll always stand by my arb canopy

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I have ARB on my 2001 Hilux, very happy with it. Security wise though none of these I would trust with a bit of moneys worth of equipment in the back, a lot of manufactures make loads of them using the same keys, the key number is stamped on the front of the lock so it is easy to get keys cut for them. For security it depends on what you need to lock up and how much you want to spend.

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