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Removing window winder handle in 1984 Camry SV 11 Liftback


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My car was broken into earlier this week and the forced and broke the driver's key lock and I need to replace the door lock. Problem is that I cannot remove the window winder handle to allow me to remove the door lining and access the door cavity. Can someone advise me on best way to remove the window winder from it's spindle?

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Tools you will need:

A rag.

A small flat blade screwdriver

So, get down on your knees next to the window winder, push in on the door card so you get a gap between the card and the window winder. You should be able to see the metal clip holding the winder on, if you can't use the screwdriver and move the collar that is under the winder. Once you can see it look for the ends of it, insert the rag from this side and slide it back and forth, the rag will catch on the clip and pull it off. If you get a big enough gap you might even be able to use the screwdriver.

This clip has also been known as the jesus clip, because when it springs off and you can't find it ( It's away's under the car :) ) that's what you will be yelling out.

You can also buy the proper tool for removing the clips, I have one but always go for the rag, it's quicker and easier.

With the replacement lock, you will be able to get this keyed to your existing key. Assuming that it's the 84 Camry your key is probably fairly worn too. If you get the new lock rekeyed it will be a good idea to get a new key cut to code, this will help your locks last longer and work better.

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