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TRD Sound Changers For Sale


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ITEM NAME: TRD Sound Changer (Full set of 3)

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Brand new in box and I have 3 sets available!


ITEM PRICE: $50 Including postage or $40 for pick up

Please PM me if you have any further questions

ITEM PICTURES: See attachemnts





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wtf does this do.

On all the 86's the air intake has a duct that goes into the cabin under the drivers foot well. It lets you hear the sound of the intake more. The TRD Sound Changer Tubes let different levels of sound in, Red being twice as loud as stock, green being just a bit louder than stock and blue completely blocking the sound. I have attached a few pics of the engine bay showing the tube.

There is also videos on youtube, just search "TRD Sound changer"


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Thy'r a brilliant idea imo, kinda passed down from the LFA but pinched from others,

LVS91 have you checked your intake box (surgetank)does has internal vibrating sound ribs?(reeds) i heard one of these cars the other day and it was one of the sweetest sounding cars ive ever heard!

Jeffy read into it mate, a lotta cars do this stuff, and if you were really keen you could do a setup like this :D

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