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Thought I'd join up considering I am a Toyota enthusiast and am now a proud owner of a super clean Cressy.

I guess I'll start with some introductions.
My name is Lee and I'm 24 years of age. I currently live in Preston Victoria with my girlfriend and I currently work for Aegis Global. I am a Subject Matter Expert (sounds important huh? No...) for the Origin Energy campaign (yes I indirectly work for an energy company).
I currently do not have my licence as I have never needed it until recently (bit sad, I know but why pay rego or insurance on something I never needed - public transport was easy between work and uni until now) but I'll be getting it sometime in March.
*Update* booked in for 28th of March.

My Ride:

  • 1990 Toyota Cressida GLX (Silver - Blue Interior)
  • Bought for $3000 and Stock and Grandpa Spec as hell.
  • 180k just ticked over.
  • Straight body, minimal scratches which should come out with a cut and buff.
  • Interior is nearly immaculate.
  • Shifts smooth.
  • Engine had a full bottom end rebuild with new top end gaskets and bolts before I bought it.
  • Previous owner was a grandpa who always garaged and never smoked in it.

Tonight when I finish work I'll post some pictures of it.
I will also add more detail as I'm currently typing this off my phone and I cbf.

Currently my misses is driving it as we both work together anyway. (Since I bought it she refuses to drive her 94 barina until I get my liscence Haha)

I am also interested in contributing to some guides and how to's for MX83 owners.
Guides I will look into creating are:

  • Alarm Install with Pictures and Wiring Diagrams (I didnt find the Net helpful with my own install and I have successfully self installed it after much digging and testing).
  • Back Seats and Parcel Tray Removal (Rear Shocks and Speaker Install).
  • Headlight Removal (Globe replacement).
  • Taillight Removal (Globe replacement).
  • Door Trim Removal (Speaker Install).
  • Cluster Removal (Globe replacement).
  • Dash Fascia Removal (Head Unit Install).

Looking forward to joining this community.

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Thanks Jeff.

Unfortunately time did not permit me to take some photos in daylight after work and the only other photos in daylight are from a camera phone. So I think a nice night shot will suffice for now until i get the time to pull out the Nikon in the sun and give it a photo shoot.


Just installed some White LED parker's aswell before taking the photo. It helps the Optical Side Marker lights stand out more.

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Welcome to the club mate

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