1990 - MX83 (Cressida) Guides - First Guide up by 04/03

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Hi Guys,

I will be slowly buidling this topic up with DIY Guides on many aspects of Cressida's (Specifically a 1990 GLX - But most are the same anyway). This first post will have all the guides if there is no character limit or it will have links to a later post.

It will mostly consist of Non-Mechanical DIY's. however once I learn more about the car mechanically then I may create some.

Some of the DIY's on the the dinner plate are (The date next to it indicates when I will most likely complete it)

  • Dash Fascia Removal. (02/03 - 04/03)
  • Back Seat and Parcel Tray Removal. (02/03 - 04/03)
  • Amplifier Wiring installation. (02/03 - 04/03)
  • Alarm Install with Pictures and Wiring Diagrams. (02/03 - 04/03)
  • Headlight Removal. (02/03 - 04/03)
  • Taillight Removal. (09/03 - 10/03)
  • Door Trim Removal. (TBA)
  • Cluster Removal. (09/03 - 10/03)

Some of the above may seem simple, but the daunting feeling of possibly snaping a clip (the 10,000 in a Cressida) or damaging a part is always on a car enthusiasts mind. Especially when they take pride in their vehicle.

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Great, looking forward to it as I am about do some work on the audio system and the fascia removal has me flumoxed already.

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Hi harry.

I know that I was supposed to have. These up earlier but I'll be posting this one up on the weekend

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