FS: 1999 Touring GTP Camry

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FS: 1999 Touring GTP Camry ica, sans-serif]G'day all,

well i have moved overseas and didn't get around to selling my baby before moving, so it's now with my Dad who isn't driving it and it really needs to go.

Details are:

1999 MCVR20 Touring, GTP Camry


17inch rims (very good Goodyear tyres)

Full GTP options, including full body kit consisting of front and side skirts, rear spoiler height raisers (must be a better name for them!), GPT decals, carbon fibre around head unit/aircon control - if you value that kind of thing!

never crashed, few scratches.


family car (two kids)


Rego til end June '13

clutch replaced 20k ago

timing belt/plugs done at 100,000, 200,000

have replaced a lot of bushes with nolathane and shocks.

recently replaced timing cover gaskets

regularly replaced air & fuel filters

oil/filter changes every 5000km

mostly serviced by myself, but a couple of major services were performed at a garage.

reciepts for all work done.

big stereo....not that I used it much (alpine head unit, pinoeer amp, woofer, splits, 6x9's)

this car isn't brand new by any means and it won't last for ever, but it will serve someone for some time to come.

uses no oil or water. Plenty of compression and engine pulls well and is quiet.

$3990 ono

car is located in Wellington Point (near Brisbane), Qld.

for anyone interested, please PM or call me (Tim) on 0408 159 612 (I am in Japan but you will still get me. No international rates billed to you for the call - all my way. Japan is one or two hours behind Australian time). can arrange test drive/inspection.

thanks for looking at this ad.

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mate is this still 4 sale?

I'm interested but would like the original stereo? do you still have it?

Id probably get a flight from Adelaide then drive it home.

Would it be possible to be picked up from the airport in it?

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