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New Rav 4 Head Units


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Hi all

I recently ordered the new Rav4 GXL that comes with what appears to be a touchscreen Fujitsu-Ten head unit.

If's functions include reverse camera, blueteeth but no navigation. Short of buying the Cruiser model, I can pay the dealer $1600 to get that unit with navigation installed. But I'd also like to have DVD and if possible, DAB+ as well.

What I'd like to know is if there's an aftermarket in-dash unit that seamlessly integrates with the factory reverse camera, steering wheel controls etc. I'm sure the stock Fujitsu-Ten unit is shared among other current model Toyota vehicles (Maybe even the outgoing Rav4?) so what works in others should work on the Rav4. There's not much info on the aftermarket since this car is a recent release.

Overseas versions have a more designated head unit unlike the Aus one whick looks cheap and old. They also get Entune which would be nice to have.

US / Euro





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Yeah. Just highlighting the differences.

I'm looking into this.


but I'd be more inclined to go with something more reputable like a Pioneer / Alpine / Kenwood / Polaris

Seamless integration is most important.

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ok fair enough

i have the same unit like yours but with sat nav ,its really good for its value ,it does not look the best but is a top quality unit with great features ,

i would stick with genuine or aftermarket like pionner sony etc ,

my mate had a pionner in his aurion he had to buy the wiring harness and the steering control harness to make it work ,

without cutting any wires .

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Factory-look units for the 2013 RAV4 have just begun to pop out of China. Expect to see them on eBay soon.

Of these two, the second link looks 99% similar to the US-spec Entune headunit, except that the Setup button on the right to the disc slot is replaced by an SD card slot for the GPS software. Another thing to note is that both run on Windows CE 6.0, which can be very picky with certain GPS software (Took me a while to get Garmin to run on mine, and it isn't as perfect as I want it to be.). If you can wait, I'd recommend going for the full Android-powered units once they are released/ dropped down in price (You can get all sorts of GPS software from Google Play store.).



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