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Toyota Nationals 2006

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Although this is a little early, it can't hurt to be prepared.

We heard at October's TCCAQ meeting that the Toyota Nationals will be back on in 2006, back in Dubbo rather than Tamworth like was attempted in 2005 without success.

Might be the opportunity to get that long-awaited TOCA mega meet happening!

The Buddhamobile is 90% there, just awaiting final details and a little leave from work.

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Just to give this one a little bump, here is a link to the Toyota Nationals website ... there isn't a lot of information on there at the moment, but it will be updated as time goes on.

Toyota Nationals 2006

This will be a fantastic opportunity for TOCA members all over Australia to get together ... I reckon that the group should have a combined display, but with cars from each state grouped together, so any other visitors who don't know about us can talk to members from their state.

And should we have a challenge to see which state can get the most cars there, or even the highest percentage of cars from their state?

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:D :D :P :P :D :D

Normally, we'd have a go at you for being so over the top, but today, as the one and only Big Kev leaves us for good, its appropriate to be loud and brash :rolleyes:

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How far away is that country from brisbane :P and its nearly a year to it lol. :P

Fair enough, it is 855km from Brissie, but its only just over 4 months away ... that time will fly! Not as fast as Azza will fly from Brissie to Dubbo, but you get my drift! :D

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yeah this sounds awesome!

i think it would be the best time for a mega-meet... i'll be there for sure... hopefully ill have the ol' ascent sorted out by then..

also, i like this new metallic interface thing we have going in the page where you post messages... whatever thats called...

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