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1992 HZJ75 series F&R wheels rotate at differently

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Hi Members,

can someone help with this query?? I have a 1992 HZJ 75 series tray back with the 4.2 diesel motor. Great workhorse however I have just renewed the rear diff replacing it with a used diff from the same model. The flogged out diff had an 'AV' stamped on the gearing casing and the replacement had an 'A' The crown wheel had the same teeth being 37. I have placed brand new tyres to all four wheels recently.

The query is =

# 1 - I marked 'Top dead Centre' to the front and rear tyres then in 2 wheel drive, drove it in a straight line for 200 metres. The marked lines were a quarter of a tyre out of alignment.

# 2 - I remarked the tyres at 'Top dead Centre' again and in 4 wheel drive drove it in a straight line for 200 metres. Again the marked lines didn't align by a 3rd of a tyre out of alignment.

The vehicle roles freely to a stop ie; no drag, no gearbox or diff noises, come out of 4wd easily. Doesn't seem to have any issues apart from the wheels rotating at different amounts.

What is the answer to this query ????????

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