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New Toyota Kluger 4x4 for 2014


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Was lukin at 4x4's as I have a lump sum coming to me at the end of this year and came across the new Kluger - Toyota said they wanted to "dramatically improve it's looks"

What do you think? http://www.caradvice.com.au/222494/toyota-kluger-all-new-suv-now-seats-eight-sign-diesel/

I think the boot space is pretty small also

Other than that, thinking of a Ford Ranger as a possible option....any thoughts??


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Depends on what you want your new car to do and have in it Stephen.

I've had my new Kluger 2wd for almost a year now and still can't stop wanting to drive it... a magnificent motor vehicle for me.

Figure out what you would like then take a look around the dealerships at what is on offer. There are some pretty good suvs out there at the moment (some not so good also so be warned).

Boot space??.... Go have a look at one, it is free. While there lift up the rear compartment cover and discover just how much storage space there really is in there.

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I really don't like what they've done to the front of the new Kluger/Highlanders. The rest of it, inside and out... Gorgeous. The grille though... It looks like any of the the Heavy Duty class Fords and even the US Toyota Tundra. The 2010-2011 refresh was perfect in the style of the front end.

I don't know, maybe it's something a custom billet grille would fix, but IMO it's just too large.

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Hi stephen, as barney said it depend what you want to do with the vehicle, if your not going off road or not towing and your doing a lot of highway and city driving and you dont need a ute, to say carry a heap of tools around, somthing like a kluger would be a better option, I got mates that have duel cab utes and they have looked and sat in my kluger, even in the back and are very impressed with the leg room and cargo space, I have sat in my brother in laws new triton, front and back and I dont think it is as roomy as the kluger, and it doesnt drive as good either,the kluger is a absolute pleasure own drive.

Fuel economy in the kluger is excellent, sure not as good as ranger or even a triton ,but good I reckon, performance between the ranger, they would be pretty close, I been told those 3.2 5 cylinders pack a punch, but I absolutly love the 3.5 vvti v6 in the kluger its a ball tearer.

when I was looking at a car that ticked the boxes, the kluger was it,another good suv that has plenty of space and power is the territory, but for you maybe not, but have a look at them and see them in the flesh and have a look at the diemensions and take them for a drive and see which you like the best.

The new kluger looks fantastic, I cant wait too see one up close and personal, if there half as good as mine ,It will be a absolute corker, the only problem I wish I could aford the new model, oh well I have to buy another second hand one.LOL

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