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new regulator fitted to my 2005 4 cyl Altise


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Just to let you folks know...

The battery died on my Altise (122,000kms) when out driving and had to jump start it to get it home. The charging light did not light up. The battery was only 7 months old.

I started to price alternators ($250 - $300) and then I thought that the only thing that really goes wrong with those things is the regulator. My decision was based on there was no bearing noise, the alternator was clean as a whistle and the car has only done 122,000kms.

I jump started the car again to see if there was any charge going to the battery, but at 2500 revs, the battery read 10.4 volts. It has to be the regulator.

So I priced a genuine Bosch regulator from a local Auto sparky and bought it (Bosch VRG236 "REG 12V LATE CAMRY 4 PIN") for $120.00 and fitted it myself.

Fixed. It took 1 hour start to finish. The only trouble I had was actually removing the alternator after removing the 2 mounting bolts; it was stuck pretty good and there was a great deal of "my goodness, this is hard to remove" words spoken quite loudly...

It really isn't hard to do.

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