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Custom Turbo Manifold for RHD celica?


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Hi guys

Im a new member in this forum however ive been a fan before officially joining.

I am Installing a Turbo on my Celica 7th gen 2zz-ge

the only problem I have encountered is that most turbo kits are made for 7th gen celica GTS which is american...therefore LHD.

getting to the point does anyone know of a place that makes custom turbo manifold and/ or sells turbo manifold for RHD 7th gen celica

any help is appreciated! thanks guys!

also does anyone own or know someone that does own a turbo RHD 7th gen celica???

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any GOOD exhaust/fabrication shop could make you one... a member on here 'xoom' has turbo'd his 2ZZ corolla, so he can probably point you in the right direction

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First of all....yay a reply!

Thanks for that! I know this might sounds stupid but bringing the car to the shop will be my last resort.
what I do have in mind is take the manifold I got with the kit ( the one that didnt fit) and give them the measurements I came up with (take the connection back abit closer to the engine) and let them do the rest of the connections...yeah sounds complicated...

Most of the shops I called seemed like they did not want to do it

Let you know how I go anyways!

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I can understand why they didn't want to do it. It's one of those things where the custom fab work needs to be done insitu. If the shop builds it to your specs, and it doesn't fit, would you blame the shop or yourself? Most people whould blame the shop and they ain't got time fo dat. Shops would get numerous dreamers ringing each day, not saying your a dreamer, but you have to think of it from their point of view.

No reason why you couldn't get the shop to put the manifold together, as someone will have to put the exhaust/plumbing together anyway.

Try Castle Hill Exhaust? I wouldn't know them from a bar of soap, but seems highly respected.

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Hey thanks for the reply

Yeah I did consider that, that might be a reason...and it makes complete sense

the only reason is, we are Installing most of it ourself with a help of a couple of mechanic friends.

Definitely trying to save money in labour costs :)

Well I will try a few more shops and see how I go!

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Theres a place at penrith willing to do it without the car (this guy install turbos on bikes...! as if its not dangerous enough)
will update just incase this might help anyone else~


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******** EDITED******* now I am able to see your pictures!!! :D:D

Hi lylee
that IS another alternative..however I already spent money on the turbo kit :P
for some reason I cant open the picture/ link you posted...?

have you dyno the car after? and see how much kw its producing? :D would love to hear

oh and also, how much did that cost you? if you dont mind sharing

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it made 227.7kw at the wheels u can have a look on my members ride thread for more info.

i bought the car after it was supercharged but i have also done work since. originally aroun 10k was spent supercharging it

which was onto to the rotrex charger piping welding tuning injectors engine mods,

since then i have spent 1500 on LSD and ugrading other gearbox parts

fuel rail 400ish

new brakes 700

retuning 1000ish

new clutch 700ish plus install

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wow that is brilliant!

Im still in the middle of putting things together

Great news though!!!! I went to Liverpool exhaust, they were the only one that were willing to make a custom manifold according to my specifications! and it fits beautifully~
I hope this helps anyone with the same problem.

************************************ Rear engine mount **************************************************

another problem has find its way into my front door
My car was a repairable write off and just now ive noticed that the Rear engine mount is munted like no tomorrow.
I called Toyota and they wanted $129.95 each (looking at replacing the rear and front engine mount) - 15 day waiting period for the rear as they dont have it in stock

Can anyone recommend any other place with better value? or is there such thing as 'heavy duty' type? or is that something i just made up?

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  • 2 weeks later...

and for ozcelica they get like 300+ spam accounts each day so if you pass me your username i can get it approved on the day u do it

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Hey thanks for your help man, I alrdy purchased rear and front engine mount from bursons spare parts (very nice ppl)

and I PMed you about ozcelica :D thanks again

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I dont know if anyone is interested but i have an update..

i got my turbo running!!! and man does it pull.


cuts out at 5000 rpm! I was informed that if you are running under 7 psi I can still use the stock ECU.

Do i need a piggy back ECU? and/ or anyone know a place to tune it afterwards??

thanks in advance!

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As i wrote to u in my pm response before reading the above ...... I just hope u haven't damaged the engine buddy.


Hey Mate,

OMFG dude i am gob smacked .... What on earth are u doing running the car on stock ecu, stock fuel pump and stock fuel inj.

My advise DON'T start the car, DON'T drive it AND DON'T even think about putting it up on the dyno until u sort out ur situation.

I'm guessing u r running the GT28RS turbo ? If so there is NO WAY the stock setup will deal with 8psi of boost .... Where on earth did you get that idea ..... I'm guessing ur ecu is going into limp mode because it doesn't know how to handle all the extra air coming in ...... I'm hoping u didnt find this out by driving or having ur car on the dyno????????

If so mate I'd be praying if i was u that u haven't cooked the engine or done any piston damage or caused any other problems because u would have been leaning out for sure.

Did this happen on a dyno while a tuner was taking a look ? If so did they have the wide band hooked up to show AFR? Or did u simply drive the car straight after everything was bolted on ?

I'm just seriously in shock by the fact that u have driven the car as is.

Mate at a minimum needs to get bigger inj and the bigger fuel pump which I need to know a bit more about wat turbine ur running to size up. Plus whether ur thinking of running a return fuel line or not. After that a piggyback will let u tune fuel and ignition timing but won't take full advantage of the cam timing etc like a stand alone ecu would. So u could get by with a piggy back but I would recommend a stand alone.

But 1000000% u need bigger inj, more flow from the pump & either piggyback or standalone to feed in more fuel because there is no way the stock setup could handle it.

Seriously get this sorted ASAP and pray u didnt damage the engine ..... Seriously I'm gob smacked.

Mate I hope there isn't any damage,


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when I drove it to the shop it was running normally because there was a vacuum leak hence no boost. Thank god we didnt find out on the dyno, had to have my room mate took it from the shop coz I six bloody days and told me it cuts out at 5000.

Yeah we did drive it to and back from the exhaust shop, and we didnt hit 8 psi it was only set on 4 according to the gauge

for some reason the car is running rich and I thought without the bigger injector itd would be the opposite, im not quite sure.

the car is sleeping outside waiting for the injectors and fuel pump to arrive before we get it tuned

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It is a must learn from me I had a corolla standard internals and destroyed 3 motors I would dare drive it have way through the setup. Who on earth told you it was ok to run stock ecu and injectors. There is maybe 4 people on this forum who have first hand experience which is me bill pippy and CEIKA. As bill said don't drive it don't start it. Get the fuel system to cope. Good people I found are pulse racing in menai they did my cars tune and know power fc's and my motor If you do need any advise call me I'm happy to answer all your questions 0458000699 -Dave

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wow 3 motors huh...shiet

well yeah theyr already shipped, and so far im comfortable with Powertune, they also recommended the 550cc injectros n 255lph pump

they told me to run haltech sprint 500 which is all something theyr comfortable to work with.

Hey thanks a lot for giving your info man I really appreciate it
I will probably contact you once my orders are together..
thanks Dave

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