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I'm sure this topics been discussed in a few threads now....... "search luke search your feelings"... or just use search.

fuel savings with these chips usually depend on your foot. I can only talk for the DPchip unit. but in general the better units are all alike.

I find I use more and have never really saved any. Due to the increase in power which I like I tend to be more of lead foot.

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I have a chipit module in mine - I find fuel economy is about 0.5-1l per 100km WORSE with the chip on.

I don't believe for a second any claims about better fuel economy unless it's under a very specific set of circumstances.

The extra power is fantastic however. The best compromise I sorted was to wire a switch in so I only have the chip on when I feel I'll need it as opposed to all the time. In this case the chips only activated about 5% of the time for all driving and has minimal effect on fuel.
For example I'll have it off when cruising down the freeway, but switch is on if I need to overtake someone or going up a very steep hill (saves on shifting down a gear).

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