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Estima front camera - anyone here got it working?


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I've done a search and couldn't find any solid reference to my question - do excuse me incase I missed a thread as I'm new on here.

I've recently purchased an Estima 04' via Prestige Motor Sport (personally chose the car, where it was complied etc)..

Love the car, perfect for the growing family and the quality JDM build.

I don't intend on changing the factory headunit.. I know I can't get it to work here for Sat nav but its ok .. I have a digital tv tuner I purchased via a friend who has tested it in his own car and confirms it works well. So I'll use that via the VTR cable and plug it in to the standard HU through the unit under the passenger seat.

My only question is - has anyone got the front camera working ? or know where you can activate it from?

The only time I saw the front cameras work was when I picked it up .. after that day they seem to have stopped showing up. The reverse camera works fine but the front don't show up..

Last qs. - anyone recommend an aftermarket headunit where I could utilize the oem front cameras to work in conjunction to the rear one??


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My vehicle is a 2001 model and does not have front cameras.

However, I believe the control for the front cameras are on the steering wheel. You may need to hold the buttons down to keep an image on the screen. Have a play around and let us know.

Another good resource for Estima is here: http://www.teoc.ws/

Scroll to the bottom of the home page and select "new estima" .

There are a few aussies on TEOC who have vehicles with front cameras so you could ask them.

Changing head units and keeping front and rear camera working seems to be a minefield.

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Hey Rob,

Thanks mate, I should've update the thread but you're right I realized the mistake I was making :P ..

That button no the far left, for some reason I thought it was for the foglights LOL ..


After that they started working:


Wish I knew Japanese :(


I love this oem unit .. even if it just plays my cds lol..

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