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acronym list for automotive parts?


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Hi all,

Was just reading through a post in the rolla section and realised not everyone knows what all of the different acronyms are for car parts / models / mods etc.... and thought it might be a good idea to do a sticky somewhere of a 'glossary' of acronyms?

Maybe some generic and some toyota specific?

I think it would help some of the newbies / people new to cars / mods understand what people are referring to without having to guess or feel like a dumbdumb and ask?


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This is probably not a bad idea, given the search function can't deal with 3 or less letters, like a lot of acronyms can be.

It might help people use the search function better if they have an idea of the correct terminology.

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Cool glad someone else likes the idea:

I'll start with the few I know then -- hopefully we can add a few more of these as we go.

CAI = Cold Air Intake

Induction for the car, where air is drawn from a lower / colder point into the engine.

SRI = Short Ram Intake

Similar to a CAI, but intake filter is located on a shorter intake plenum.

FI = Forced Induction

Adding additional compressed air into the engine.. Boost either supercharged or turbocharged.

FMI = Front Mount Intercooler

Used for cooling, most commonly found with FI cars.

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