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How not to DRIFT!!!

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This morning about 4:50 am in Kedron, Brisbane a White sportivo was the CRUEL victim of a hit and run :(

Some Takumi wannabe decided to practive his drifting skills around a corner in the wet........ well here is the result :(

The IDIOT that did this will hopefully not be found........as i would like to have a few words with him <_< and yes I do have the colour of your car on mine (thank *** i choose white) oh and I also have all of your rear left tail light which clearly has the toyota part numbers on it as I can tell what sort of car you were driving :angry:

A poice report has been filed and the insurance company has been notified.

It really nervers me that people can be such idiots and show total disregard for other peoples property <_<

Now........who would the Brisbane people reccomend for repairs?










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Hit and run? Oh man that's got to be the worst. You seem to be dealing with this quite well, I hope everything turns out ok for you.

yes hit and runs are the worst I know in the heat of the moment people get scared and panic...but if you leave the scene abd you get caught later on then yeah...it makes things eve worse!

handling it okay? you wouldnt have said that if you saw and heard me this morning at 5.00 am in the rain!!!...but yeah what can you do...luckily I am rating 1 for life with no claim bonus and unlimited mods and choice of repairer :D

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I'd do it for you, but yeah, im in Canberra :angry: Even got those parts ready, just not white. But, it could be an excuse to invest in some Altezza tail lights, if your into that kinda thing. But yeah, that sucks man! Idiots are around i tell ya, only last night this idiot in a commodore pulled out in front of me and i ended up the gutter cos she didnt even see me!

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Hey Craig,

Corey said you think it may have been an old Corolla but on my way home last night, I was sitting at the lights on Gympie Road at Strathmore/Castle street intersection (where KFC & Hungary Jacks is) in Kedron. I was at the red light...and a blue Statesman, about 93ish model came drifting out of Strathmore street onto Gympie Road heading north....

The he flung it sideways into Edingurgh Castle Road (between the 7-11 and Domino's Pizza)

He kept flying up that way but I didn't see where he went from there.

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Damn Craig... that's a shocker!!!

I hope you catch the b@stard, and I feel sorry for him when you do too!!!

:angry:  :angry:  :angry:

u should of used ur car and hunted him down and at least get his license plate details .. prob uninsured anyway so ud get SFA

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Sorry to see that Craig, especially seeing as the 'Flake has only been back on the streets for a short while.

One thing I've noticed, especially along the Gympie Rd to City stretch in morning peak hour, is the number of complete morons that are out and about these days. We've always had them, but not so many as we have lately.

I've figured its only a matter of time before someone or something gets hurt, but its a crying shame that it has happened to a fellow Rolla.

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noobs and drifting <_<

only professionals should attempt to drift in the rain...

when your an ameteur and you do this in the wet... you might as well go and drive off a cliff. poor rolla.

And technically P platers arent to blame usually... "the drift scene and "drifters" in aussie are to be blamed.. stupid idiots dont realise aussie roads arent big enuff to go sideways.

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sorry to hear about it man

damn ***** should get u a new rear bar

sorry to hear mate.. lets hope takumi wannabe will meet karma... bet ya it was a P plater.. bloody noob drivers!!!  :ph34r:

dont bag P platers man

u can bag em once im off my P plates :D

NOOOOOOOB hahaha :lol: :D

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thats terrible! those pics belong in a horror movie or something... good luck with the repairs and getting snowflake back on the road!

and dont bag P platers... Sure there are the tools out there who think a few months driving is enough experience to be a moron, but there are still alot of us P platers who are sensible on the road and care for our cars like they are children.

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I'm not going to flam the P Platers, but you have to admit that there is a few of them out there that as soon as they are allowed to drive by them selves, think they're 10 foot tall and bullit proof. Just look at Milton BP or any shopping centre on a Thursday night..

I'm not saying that there isn't non-P Platers that don't think the same thing, but I remember when I got my 'P's and the thought I, and all my friends had at the same time.

The secret is if your going to be an idiot on the road, do it when you have no passengers, and there isn't anything within cooee of where you are, ie out the back of nowhere....

I am not supporting idiotic driving, just an opinion...

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"the drift scene and "drifters" in aussie are to be blamed.. stupid idiots dont realise aussie roads arent big enuff to go sideways.

That's quite funny, the "aussie drifters" I've seen in action have incredible car control and dont have any trouble staying on the black stuff even when it's not wide...

It's usually the young guys in RWD cars inspired by "liquid horsepower" that leave marks on powerpoles etc... Or even a FWD in the dry taking out a letterbox ;)

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lol if u think aussie drifters are good... i see you havent been to a car auction yard -----> go to the salvage section.... ------> see those SS and xr8s? you get a bargain if you can see blood still in it =D

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