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Aftermarket HeadUnit for iPhone 5?


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Howdy guys

I was on here ages ago, when there was a group buy going around for a particular and hyped aftermarket HU for the Aurion.

That unit is ok, but not fantastic. Maps no longer function, the Bluetooth is all screwy, firmware updates don't do anything, and the seller has long since stopped answering any questions

I'm ok with getting another unit, but my old iPhone 4 is looking worse for wear, and when my contract is up in September, I'll be moving to the latest and greatest iPhone 5 (or whatever is out at the time).

HOWEVER, the new charging style of iPhones is that small 9 pin connector.

Has anyone had any success with having their iPhone 5 charging off their HU? And are they still able to play music back through the cable?

Also, what is the current top of the line aftermarket HU that people have, or are looking into?

Not after anything super expensive, but something reliable would be nice.

I've found people who've recommended these headunits, not sure on their iPhone 5 compatibilities



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Was it the easydeals unit gb?

Yeah, that was it.

It worked well for the first few months, but the screen got decidedly "touchy" on where it wants to respond to presses, Bluetooth just stopped working, audio glitches out, and don't get me started on the maps (to be fair, that was probably my fault, as I tried to upgrade to a better version, that I obtained legally and above board ;P ). The maps now will not open, gives me some Windows error.

Given that my iPhone is showing its age, and my contract is up soon, I figure I'd ask the question, seeing I'll be moving to a new iPhone device at some point in the future.

And seeing as I heard about aftermarket headunits in this forum to begin with, thought I'd ask the question here again :)

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I have some similar issues too. Maps/navigation stopped working (says no map found even though the mem card has remained unchanged). Some glitches in audio and loud speaker pop when starting/shuttind down car (never happened with factory unit) and of course the long list of software bugs that never got cleared up in firmware updates (I noticed no difference in updates).

All in all I'm fairly dissapointed with the easydeals unit, I expected better for $600+. I noticed he is selling an Android version of it now, it costs more which is strange since its the same physical hardware and Android is a free OS.

I was offered to return the unit for it to be shipped back to China for inspection. I haven't had much time to pull it out and I'm not particularly keen on paying shipping and waiting forever for it to travel the slow boat to China.

So basically I'm on the hunt for a similar unit - that actually works and is relatively bug free. Almost keen to try the Android model but not sure of it's reliability.

Edit: Here is the Android one http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/8-Android-Toyota-Camry-Aurion-WIFI-GPS-IPOD-Car-DVD-Reversing-Camera-/261209301960?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3cd149a3c8

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The Android would be interesting, should only be as laggy as a phone (IE, not much), given the specs, although I've had no exposure to Android 2.2

But coming from his same manufacturers, after the issues I've had with this unit, I'd be hesitant. And again, no guarantee of charging an iPhone 5 (if I ever get one)

Vent, have you come across any other units that have caught your eye?

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Haven't really been looking much to be honest. You could easily charge it via a Lightning to USB cable (USB going into head unit). Or would you rather reserve the USB cable for a USB stick etc?

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Have a look at my review-

The USB input on the front and USB input for 3g modem/wifi can be used as a power source for charging USB devices

(tested with my iPhone 4S 64gb and new HTC One M7) So I assume it should be fine in charging your iPhone 5.
As for accessing iPod music through the system - its shocking. I charge my iPhone with the 3g/wifi USB cable in the glove box and stream via Bluetooth.. As for other music/movies storage, i used a micro sd card which slots in the front

Hope this helps!

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