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new member from Melbourne. caldina st246 N

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Hi guys and girls I've been floating around this site for while new to get to know my car a little better but unfortunately there's not much of a following for the caldina on here.

Anyway thort I'd say hi, I own a 2004 caldina st246 N and have fallen compleatly in love with her .

Not the fastest off the line but quick enough to put a smile on my face and descreat enough to keep the cops off my back.

Cars completely stock but goes in for a new exhaust in the next few weeks.

3" turbo back and replacing the two cats with a single high flow cat .

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yeah for sure , im in the south east suburbs .

today i pulled off the intercooler and started to pull the heat shealds off to get to the dump pipe but ran into a (previously) stripe bolt, so post poned the exhaust for two weeks . iv got a mechanic about 4 doors down from

Kleenflo Exhaust

so im going to take my car in there on the thursday and we will swap the dump pipes ( got the 3' one from NZ" )

then "push !!!" the car down to the ehaust guy for him to fit the system on friday .

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Went great (on the exhaust side of it ) the dump pipe I got from NZ performance had some issues. The turbo flange was warped (took 2 1/2 hours to mill down by hand ) the holes didnt line up and one I had to go down to a 3 mill bolt just to get it in there . Once that was done kalvin did an awsome job . Charged me $700 fits in nice and tight and straight.

Car gained throttle responce and when changeing gear there is no boost lag anymore it just hits straight away. Motor rev's free and I ained a little power . But the exhaust is now much quieter than the stock one , sounds almost like a NA untill I hit boost and you hear the turbo spool up . So yeah im very happy

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sounds like not worthy to get it from NZ, :blink:

congras on sorting everything out though

how can the exhaust is quieter than the stock one? are you using the stock rear muffler?

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The muffler is a fujitsubo legalis r (was installed when I had stock exhaust).

Spoke to kalvin (exhaust guy) as to why its quieter and he said due to thebsize of the muffler and the retrictions in the stock system the flow is disrupted causing it to be louder . Now with the high flow exhaust the system has a constant flow with little disruption so its a quieter lower note

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